Do you know that what honing and sharpening do to your handmade knives, we will give you highlights and important stats on this area. If you have watched any of the food competition shows then you might have seen this habit among the competitors of running their knives on the steel. Why they do so? Even all the chefs run their knives expertly and professionally on their steel tools. This is because a steel gives a sharpness and fine edge to their knives.

It is these handmade blades which become sharper when you are going to run them on the steel tools. You can call it a sharpening steel because this element sharpens and hone your knives.

How knives get dull?

Before we tell you the actual difference between honing and sharpening. You need to catch up with this concept that how a knife gets dull. Your knife reaches the dull stage when it starts to lose its sharp edges. Notice that whether your blade edges are properly aligned or not! If they are not in a proper alignment, then your knife has all gone dull. Losing the alignment, it means that your knife is not going to cut any of the food items properly.

How to get the alignment back in your knife? Do hone and sharpening

To get the alignment back in your knife, you have to take help from sharpening and honing techniques.

Honing technique

  • It is with the help of a honing steel that you can easily push the knife edge back to the center and this honing will also straighten its edge. Honing is going to correct the edge section of your knife.
  • This process will not completely sharpen your knife. Instead, it will make the blade to come out in a proper and balanced position. It is recommended to do this technique on an often basis.

Sharpening technique

  • On the other hand, this technique is about shaving-off the rough bits and parts of the blade. A sharp and new edge is given to your knife blade.
  • You can use a water stone or whetstone or you can use an electric knife sharpener to complete this technique. You can sharpen your knives just for a few times in a single year.

How to know if your knife is dull or sharp?

  • You can cut a tomato in this case and decide whether your knife is sharp or dull. It is through cutting, chopping, dicing that you can easily get to know that whether your knife needs maintenance or not.
  • A sharp knife can quickly cut through the soft flesh and tough skin food items. A dull knife cannot perform this job with such an ease. The other way to check the sharpness capacity of your knife, Take a paper and slice through it by using a knife. If it cuts through, then your knife is sharp.

So this great suggestion is all clear from our side, hone and sharpen your knives regularly. This old and gold rule will save and highly secure your knives.