The roof on top of your house is not only a protection but also an aesthetic multiplier. You must maintain it in such a way that it is able to withstand all the natural elements like wind, rain, frost etc. To maintain your roof you not only need to replace broken tiles and do other routine job but also prevent moss formation on the roof. Moss can be quite harmful to your roof. It obtains water through its leaves, unlike many other plants. So it needs a moist environment to sustain. This is why it proliferates in coastal areas and other moist areas. It is also more commonly seen on north facing roofs than south facing roofs. This is for the simple reason that the north facing roof receives less direct sunlight compared to the south-facing roof. In a coastal or humid area, the north facing roof can grow so much of moss that it can destabilize the roof. To prevent that you need moss treatment for  roof.

Moss Treatment for Your Roof

The most effective treatment for moss is a 50:50 mixture of liquid chlorine bleach with water. Apply this mixture on the moss-laden surface with the help of a sprayer and let the mixture stay on the roof for at least 15 minutes. After this, rinse the roof thoroughly with water. You can let the mixture stay on the moss for some more time, but keep it in mind that if you let the solution dry up you may not be able to rinse the area completely. But before doing so, you

moss treatment for roof

need to protect the landscaping and areas surrounding it from the bleaching solution. You should also use protective gear for yourself while working with such a bleaching solution. With this treatment, moss can become loose which can then be removed using a leaf blower. If there is the severe growth of moss, you may need to apply more than one bleach to kill the moss completely. Keep it in mind that you should never use pressure washers since this devise can cause loss of granules from the tiles and result in premature failure of the roof tiles and therefore the roof.

Steps To Prevent Growth of Moss

You need to take steps to prevent the formation of moss so that you don’t need to spend huge sums of money to treat the whole roof. You can do the following:-

  • Trim tree branches to let in more sunlight to the roof as well as to minimize accumulation of debris to reduce of chances of growth of moss.
  • Clear various debris which accumulates on the roof on daily basis. You can use a leaf blower or something similar to blow away all the debris that has not yet got stuck to the roof. Again, mind that you should not use water at high pressure. While using the leaf blower you should keep it in mind that the air flow needs to be directed down the slope so that debris doesn’t accumulate under the edges of the tiles.

You can keep the roof physically firm and aesthetically pleasing for a long time if you can prevent moss formation and treat moss growth.